The Growth Marketing Leader

Woodridge Growth is New York City's preeminent growth marketing agency. We drive unprecedented results for billion-dollar startups, Fortune 500 companies and emerging brands.

Companies like, Clarity Money, FanDuel, and SurveyMonkey trust us. We help all of our clients grow aggressively, optimize their customer acquisition costs, and realize their full potential. 

Recent Client News

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Goldman Sachs buys Clarity Money
FanDuel Growth Marketing Agency
FanDuel Acquired by Paddy Power Betfair
Jet Acquired For $3.3 Billion
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Top Tech Minds Attend Future Labs' A.I. Summit

We Are Your Competitive Edge

Every growth strategy we develop and execute teaches us something that is incorporated into our collective knowledge base. As we grow, we learn. And as we learn, we provide ever-improving, more comprehensive services to our clients.
With a client roster that includes two of the fastest companies to ever achieve $1 billion dollar valuations, and FanDuel, and a proven track record for helping nearly every kind of business grow.
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Achieving Unprecedented Results

Woodridge Growth differentiates itself from traditional marketing agencies. First, we are relentlessly focused on solving our clients' most pressing marketing challenges. Second, we maintain a fast-paced culture of experimentation that allows us to find new paths to success. Finally -- and this is our best 'growth hack' -- we love what we do. 

Our Services

Customer Acquisition
Woodridge Growth specializes in efficiently acquiring loyal customers and life-long advocates. 
Growth Strategies
We help well-known startups reach the next level of success, and billion-dollar startups like and FanDuel get even bigger.
A/B Testing
More experiments equal more growth. Every day we have break-throughs about how to make customer acquisition more effective.
Social Media Advertising
We are behind some of the best performing social media advertising campaigns of all time. We bring an unrivaled level of experience and expertise to paid social.
App Store Optimization
We bring a level of thoroughness to App Store Optimization that consistently drives unprecedented results.
Audience Targeting
We align the strategy, spending, channel management, targeting and messaging to create a sustainable growth-engine for your business.  
The content of the marketing message is equally as important as the targeting. We tell memorable stories and write words that resonate with diverse audiences.
Multi-Channel Acquisition
We are mobile marketing pioneers who know how to utilize all digital touch points to create a cohesive marketing engine.
Funnel Optimization
Growth is a product of a well-tuned marketing funnel. We see the big picture, roll up our sleeves, and make success happen.

We Put Your Customers First

Our commitment to developing a deep understanding of your customers is the foundation of our success. Great marketers create, communicate, and extract value from the market. This requires that we know what the market values. And we cannot know what the market values without knowing the market.

Our Values


We understand the fundamentals of marketing science. This foundational knowledge is the launching pad to our most innovative marketing ideas.


Woodridge Growth is a data-driven company that relies on analytics to make decisions. However, our creativity and original ideas are our advantage.


The path to mediocre performance is the one most travelled. Our courage to forage new paths leads us to unprecedented results.


Our reputation is our most valuable asset. Our desire to cultivate and maintain a reputation for integrity influences all of our business decisions.